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Wheat Straw 6-piece Set Of Colorful Chef Cooking

Wheat Straw 6-piece Set Of Colorful Chef Cooking

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  • The front part of the blade is used to cut small vegetables and fruits.
  • The middle section is for cutting hard and soft food, the slightly curved blade shape is ideal for mincing herbs and chopping.
  • The sturdy side can be used to bread up small bones or to bread open crustaceancs
  • the back part of the cutting edge is used for food sthat are difficult to cut
  • through the optimal power is here.the wide side is used to filet down and lifting the food like herbs the new anti slip design gives a frim and comfertable grip to ensure safe usage while using the knife
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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jeanie Schneider

Very good product, recommended

Mable Steuber

Section 2 and 3 sharpening knives. Let's see how much is enough.

Stephany Zboncak

Great Seller

Minnie Bruen

Nothing to say about the product description!! By account at the first sharpness of a knife the small metal piece has withdrawn from its plastic location, in addition the legs are broken, so trash I do not advise this purchase, I regret a lot! !! VERY disappointed I thought I was getting a good deal for the price!!! But no

Keagan Luettgen

Wheat Straw 6-piece Set Of Colorful Chef Cooking