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Water Droplet Backflow Aromatherapy Machine

Water Droplet Backflow Aromatherapy Machine

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  • Air Humidifier, essential oil aroma diffuser, water droplets backflow black technology atomization technology, fine water mist, nourishing air can relieve pressure at the same time, help you recover your mood and make life more interesting. There is no need to fight against cheap fragile and leaking desktop humidifiers. This quality humidifier is what you are looking.
  • Water drop countercurrent design. Breaking through the tradition, anti-gravity black technology brings interesting experience while moisturizing and adds artistic sense to the desktop. Double filtering is good for health and peace of mind. Nano fine sprays, better fog absorption, spray fine Super fog, quickly sweep dry. There is a slight current, which makes you feel as if you are in the sound of nature.
  • Shutdown Protection, bedroom humidifier can be scheduled for 8 hours, scheduled shutdown to protect the machine, durable and more casual. This durable all-room humidifier disperses the soothing and cool mist you want stably and effectively. Breathe and live a good life! You will be eager for what you found a few years ago!
  • Intelligent anti-shutdown, LED intelligent display, real-time display time. 800 ml water tank, double power-off protection, effectively prevent dry burning (water level detection and dry burning prevention sensor),
  • Double humidification mode, one click to turn on the light mode, the light is soft, while humidifying, watching the water dripping back, soothing the mood. Turn on the mode with one click, and continuously spray water to humidify against the current flow to help you remove drying.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Claudine Schneider

Very very cool :D

Maybelle Rath

Great product.

Astrid Aufderhar

I really like this humidifier. Beautifully decorates the house and performs its function well. Original design. Has a large water tank.
The product is of excellent quality, fully consistent with the description and photo.
The seller sent quickly, reliable packaging. I recommend it.

Priscilla Schmitt

Its good but very loud, hard to fall asleep, water capacity is great.

Rossie Wisoky

Very good product I buy