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Electric Chainsaw Handheld Electric Pruning Saw

Electric Chainsaw Handheld Electric Pruning Saw

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  • Smooth and Powerful Cutting. With the high cutting speed of 26.2ft/s, our mini chainsaw only takes about 8s to cut a 6'' log. Cutting branches is just like cutting butter! Also, the brushless motor allows the electric chainsaw for continuous cutting.
  • Advanced Brushless Motor. Brushless motors provide significant advantages over traditional copper motors, including more power, higher speeds, and longer lifetimes. When used for tree-cutting, they offer an efficient and low-noise experience without the risk of jamming.
  • 2×21V 2.0Ah Batteries. Besides the installed battery, the electric saw is also equipped with an extra battery. Each can last 50-60 minutes. The alternating 2 batteries provide continuous power for outdoor work. (Equipped with a battery LED indicator).
  • Auto-Oiling System. The mini chainsaw has a built-in lubricating oiler that keeps the tool cutting efficiently with just one push. This innovation will eliminate the hassle of manual oiling and keep your hands free from staining (The upgraded product has solved the oil leaking problem).
  • Easy to use. Only 2.2 lbs, this lightweight chainsaw is suitable for seniors and women to operate with one hand easily. You won't feel any discomfort even after long hours of use. Thanks to the compact design.
  • Safety First! The small chainsaw has a 100° rotatable top guard baffle, a locking button, a rubber and ergonomic handle to ensure your safety. This electric chainsaw can only be activated by pressing the safety button and the switch simultaneously. Friendly to Beginners.
  • Multifuncion. Compatible with IMOUMLIVE exclusive extended telescopic pole for easy pruning of tree branches. The small-hand chainsaw for cutting forest and wood, pruning twigs, gardening, etc.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jazmyn Von

A wonderful saw, there are defects in the case and side cover. Saw sawing is wonderful.

Kaley Streich

The goods arrived quickly. All whole. For its size it saws like a beast. It takes 50 seconds for a log in the photo for one drink. Batteries are weak. You need to take more capacity. Oil comes in as strange as it is: sawed, pumped oil, both batteries have sat down and there is a lot of oil left. Generally drank fire. Satisfied with the purchase. Ordered a large capacity battery;)

Trenton Grimes

The order arrived in 5 days. Received in a fiver in the next house. Which surprised me. 1. Very good packaging, thick cardboard, carefully wrapped with tape. 2. The saw itself is collected carefully, the connecting seams are smooth, not rough. 3. Nothing dangles in the case, there are not even dents on it.
Charged the battery (before that u was 18.9v. The tension of the chain is tuned, turned on-it works. Did not disassemble to check the engine and lubrication. In 3 days at the dacha I will check and add

Kamille Langosh

Is the price performance good? Just, do you have a little weight? Amton, it's good.

Nia Streich

It is a good product.
It has a handle, it can work with two hands, and it is easy to operate and manage under unburdened weight is there.
It's a shame that it would be better if the supplemental chain oil was included in the early days.