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Electric Scissors Garden Tools

Electric Scissors Garden Tools

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  • Professional electric cordless: pruning shears are powered by a brushless motor, and forged from SK5 high carbon steel, sharp, anti-rust and durable, it can easily cut 1.37 inch (35mm) branches. Mini Chainsaw adopts a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process to ensure smoother cutting and more wear resistance.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Electric branch cutter with battery weigh only 2.2 lbs, so you won't get tired easily after longtime using. The portable storage box have 21V rechargeable lithium batteries, long battery life. (Note: please fully charge the battery before use.)
  • Efficient & Easy to use: This electric tree pruning tools are simple and easy to operate, Its efficiency is 8-10 times that of manual pruning shears. pruning quailty is significantly higher as compared to manual pruners. Pruning shears adopt ergonomically designed handle and wireless design solve the problems of laborious use, wire winding and heavy load, providing you with a more comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • Wide Application: Small chainsaw has a wide range of uses, can be used for Forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, gardening, and so on. electric cordless pruner can be widely used in various gardens, parks, farms, ranch, orchards and greenhouses to prune flowers, plants, fruit trees, picking fruits, etc.
  • Super Sharp Powerfull and Durable: The cordless electric pruning shears has 600W strong power it can cut branches over 1.2 inch (30mm) quickly without damage.
  • Light Weight Portable and Cordless: This electric pruner has lightweight it's kindly to people who has arthritic hands besides it has non-slip handle and ergonomic design you will not feel tired after longtime using.
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Customer Reviews

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Eino Reinger

The price is very nice.
I think it would be good if it was durable.

Layla O'Conner

Thank you for shipping on the exact date.
I can use it right away.
The move seems to be doing well.
I will use it well.

Lola Walker

Please note that you are reviewing your purchase...
The order is March 12, 5 p.m.
The arrival is March 15, 4 p.m.
The contents of the order are
1 body
2 pieces of belly
1 charger
1 Case

370 leather trees planted 10 years ago in a plain field (70%) Um tree (30%)
Now the leather tree is more newly than when it was first planted
The number of trees is quite high.
These trees take the bird shoots from the overgrown ones and go to the sprout

Tear the net and Cut the aubergine.
Most of the Tuck is about 20 to 30 pie, and the Leather Tree is
A thick branch about 20 to 50 pie can be cut about twice in the same position.
I did a good job of making it really comfortable.

The oil is slightly applied to the day before it starts.
I didn't use it while I was in use because I was going to bury it.
If you need to pay attention to whether it is a disadvantage, you can cut it in a row
After about 10 minutes, it will not work.
It stops working due to overheating.

If you have a rest, there is no problem.
The battery runs for more than two hours (depending on the amount of work) in one.
There is another field with a similar-sized quantity of trees.
As I explained above, it's similar.

After using in two fields, a little use of the scear blade
Traces (see photo) are visible.
If you use it often, it seems that you will need an extra shearing blade.

Kennedy Crist

Rechargeable Branch Shears Rough Electric Scissors Garden Tools

Dayana Muller

Is the second I ask. At the moment very well, fast and strong. Let's hope it lasts