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Magnetic Levitation Table Lamp Moon Light 3D

Magnetic Levitation Table Lamp Moon Light 3D

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  • LEVITATING MOON LIGHT: the moon magnetic levitation night light uses new magnetic levitation technology, you can visually see that it can levitate 24 hours a day and make free choices in the air, the special thing is that it does not need any support or contact, the magnetic force > 3N, very attractive to the eye.
  • 3D LEVITATING MOON LIGHT: Unlike ordinary moon lights, we have three different colours moon light/Mars light/Jupiter light, you don't need to worry about what colour to choose, for the price of one, you can bring home all three levitating night lights.
  • FINE WALNUT BASE: our levitating night light is very easy to operate, you just need to plug in the power adapter, our levitating magnet is automatically turned on, the base can be wireless power supply for the moon at any time, and the base is made of high quality walnut material, long service life, the moon light is made of 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable PLA material from the USA, absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • FOR YOUR BELOVED ONE: the moon lamp is designed with overheating protection, no danger will happen, you can use it with confidence, the diameter of the hover lamp is 14cm, the walnut base is also 14cm in diameter, you can put it in any corner of your home, of course you can also give it as a beautiful gift to your beloved one or family, children, it is a very good It will give them a lot of surprises.
  • WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU CHOOSE US: (1) a beautiful decoration (2) a gift that will please others (3) peace of mind, you can always contact us if you have any questions (4) a promise - our intention is to make everyone's life happy, have a good day.
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Alysson Cummings

Stayed show, I connected on the USB input of the TV itself.

Raquel Bernhard

Very good product, well packed

Gabe Bergstrom

It is a good quality product.
Sample purchase before work.
It's scheduled.

Scottie Sauer


Kaitlyn Schmitt