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Potato Grow Bags

Potato Grow Bags

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  • 3-pack grow bags:10 Gallon grow bags with large capacity allows you to grow whatever you want. The size is large enough to create a stable growing environment for veggies and flowers. 3 pack planter bags make planting, growing, and harvesting easier and great for potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes and other more vegetable.
  • Sturdy for reusing: Constructed of polyethylene with a smooth surface that provides lightweight and facilitates preserve and breathe of growing bags, can be reusable for many years. It also can prevent over watering and automatically percolate excess water automatically, which provides a healthy environment for root plants.
  • Easy to operate and store: The bags can be easily used for several seasons and won’t take up much space when storing. Easily move and flip the lid to help you harvest potatoes without damaging the plants. Please put about 4 to 6 seeds in each bag. These garden planting bags are suitable for seasonal use. At the end of the growing season, empty the bag, simply clean and fold, taking up very little space.
  • Widely Use: These grow bags are suitable for indoor and outdoor planting and ideal for terraces, small gardens, balconies, sun rooms and any outdoor space. They can be used to grow potatoes, taro, radishes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, zucchini and many other vegetables.
  • Access Flap Design: The potatoes grow bags has designed a visualization Velcro window that can be opened and closed, through which you not only can check whether your plant is mature and you can easily harvest plants through the window without having to dig in soil.


  • Material: The potato planting bag is made of PE material, which is light in weight, breathable, corrosion-resistant, durable, and not easy to tear or break.
  • Flip cover and handle: Our potato planting bag has 2 sturdy handles, which are convenient for you to move the planting bag. The flip design uses Hook&Loop to observe the growth of roots and seeds from the flip cover. It is also easy to harvest during harvesting without damaging your plants.
  • Drainage holes: There are drainage holes on the bottom and sides, which can accelerate the roots to absorb water and nutrients and grow better.
  • Wide application range: Potato planting bags are suitable for growing vegetables indoors, in gardens, balconies, sunrooms, and other outdoor spaces, very suitable for growing potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions
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Customer Reviews

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Maximo Mraz

the product is arrived on time and a good quality of bags and perfect for planting potatoes etc 👍👍👍 soon I will order more

Neal Donnelly

Potato Grow Bags