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Smart Alarm Wifi Doorbell

Smart Alarm Wifi Doorbell

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  • Ultra HD Camera: And Wide Angle Night Vision This video doorbell camera features 2K Ultra HD video and infrared night vision to monitor your home and provide clear day and night monitoring of all door activity. It also features an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees and a wide-angle lens of 120 degrees, allowing your field of view to cover all angles.
  • Motion Detection and Smart: Alerts This smart doorbell camera features intelligent motion sensors that intelligently detect the movement of human shape and then accurately and instantly push the necessary alert notifications via APP CloudEdge. The built-in AI algorithm minimizes false positives through pattern recognition.
  • Bidirectional Audio and Voice Messaging: Built-in microphones and speakers allow you to talk to visitors clearly and in real time. The chimes provided can be set in any room to ensure that you don't miss any visitors. In addition, you can record a voice message for 10 seconds and set it to respond quickly if you can't respond.
  • Dual voltage power and weatherproof: Our wired doorbells can be powered by the included DC 12V adapter or your existing doorbell wiring (AC 12-24V). The IP65 weatherproof rating ensures that it is subject to any weather conditions. The doorbell camera will continue to protect your house since it was set up.
  • Secure Cloud Storage and On-premises: Storage This Home Security doorbell supports up to 128 GB of SD cards and encrypted cloud services to record and store footage or video clips. All video and video files will be stored in military-grade encryption, and only your authorized account will be able to see the recordings.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jeramie Schuppe

Camera bad. Blurred image. Can't do anything with this.

Addison Cole

A nice case for little money works as needed.

Roger Nolan

I haven't installed it yet. Product similar to the ad.

Maci White

Battery capacity is not 1000mA but only 800mA.
Not recommended for outdoor use, very poor quality material.

Ulices Terry

don't work and the instructions are crap